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How to choose a hairstyle for a beach wedding


Hair & Makeup

How to choose a hairstyle for a beach wedding

When it comes to choose your hairstyle there are too many options, and it is hard to decide, here are a few tips that can help you:


  • When you are scrolling down some images from the web try to find styles that match your hair type and face shape, if you see a style that needs more volume you can bring some clip on extensions and let know your hair stylist ahead of time that you will have some

  • Keep in mind your overall wedding style, neckline jewelry and veil (if you’re having one.) Share your ideas with your wedding hairstylist ask for recommendations think about that we do this almost every day and have the expertise; bring some photos of your dress to the hair session

  • Consider the climate conditions that Cabo will have on your wedding day, what you do want is your hair to stay in place all day and into the evening, and not be something you need to be checking throughout the day

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